myco logick (2015) - Taro

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During STWST48/ARS festival in September 2015, the project myco logick by Taro launched 2 wheather balloons filled with fungal spores to the stratosphere. These balloons expand while rising and finally burst at a height of approximately 30km, releasing their freight to continue direction outer space and/or to fall back on earth, where they possibly find suitable conditions to spread their information.

Expanding on the concept of myco logick, on a giving day in 2020, all participating nodes of Mycelium Network Society are to releases their collected fungal spores over the years into the stratosphere by way of an air balloon, letting them adrift in blowing wind till they ground themselves in the new land where Mycelium Network Society cycle ll begins.

Taro's simple instructions on how to collect/print spores
- go mushroom hunting
- take specimens approaching maturity
- seperate the caps from the stems
- place the caps - gills or pores facing down - preferably on a clean pane of glass
- cover the caps with a cup or bowl to slow down dehydration
- wait [at least 12 hours – depending on species and size of the mushrooms]
- remove the caps
- let the spore prints dry
- scrape the spores into a pile
- store in a sealable container for further use
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