mushroom@cycleX (2019) by Erwin Carl

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2019 - nodes joined

nanotopia Toronto, Canada
Display Distribute Hong Kong
catskill fungi Catskill region, New York
Rao Caya Chile
platohedro Medellin, Colombia
The Operating System Brooklyn, New York
PING Nantes, France
Raumerweiterungshalle Berlin, Germany
Pagan collective Kemiö, Finland
Art Laboratory Berlin Berlin, Germany
Mushroom Shed New Paltz, New York
CACiS de EL FORN DE LA CALÇ, Catalunya

[NEWS] Mycelium Network Society summit took place on september 8 at STWSTx5 (Linz, Austria). Thanks much to LDJ/ELÆ for organizing the summit notes.

[NEWS] Shared work space at Sign on and Join#Mycelium Network planning, discussion.