Byndelle Hybrida (2017) - Azucena Sanchez

We are stuck with the problem of living despite economic and ecological ruination….. Neither tales of progress nor of ruin tell us how to think about collaborative survival. It is time to pay attention to mushroom picking. Not that this will save us— but it might open our imaginations.
- Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, The mushroom at the end of the world : on the possibility of life in capitalist ruins

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In 2017, we launched Mycelium Network Society at Ecologies excursion (transmediale2017) in Berlin, hosted its first residency at Eleonore A.I.R. program and joined STWST48x3 fest (Stadtwerkstatt in partnership with Ars Electronica) in Linz.

Artists presented at Ecologies excursion, transmediale2017

myco-logick (since 2015) by Taro
Mycophone_unison (since 2013) by Saša Spačal, Mirjan Švagelj
Radio Mycelium (since 2011) by Martin Howse
The T-shroom (since 2002) by Kartina Neiburga and Art bureau OPEN

Artists at Eleonore residency, presented at stwst48x3, Linz, 2017

The Mycos Experience (2017) by Servando Barreiro
Byndelle Hybrida (2017) by Azucena Sanchez
The Boat (2017) by Callum Caplan